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I'm sitting here thinking about life's complexions/ All the misconceptions and the misdirections/ It keeps me guessin, and I never seem to learn my lesson/ So I gotta take time to see my reflections/ Reflections on the past, and present/ Reflections on the future, and seconds/ As they go by I just wanna know why/ Everything that's happenin in front of my eyes, is so sly/ Everything ain't what it seems, to be/ Got inconsistencies running up to me/ And begging for my trust and then we got lust/ Posing as love and it's making hearts rust/ And then there's greed and power jockin by the hour/ They're seducing everyone to try and climb a tower/ Even though there's only spot at the top/ And if you don't make it then your ass is gonna drop/ (Chorus) So I keep my eyes open and I watch my step/ Prepare for the worst and hope for the best/ Know the unknown and expect the unexpected/ Because this world will take your life if you let it/ So I keep my eyes open and I watch my step/ Prepare for the worst and hope for the best/ Know the unknown and expect the unexpected/ Because this life will take your soul if you let it/ Everyday I wake up it's like the same stuff/ Living life just so I can get the paper/ To pay bills, and to eat my meals/ Working overtime so there ain't no time to chill/ Or to heal, I used to be full of ambition/ But that will fade in a life of attrition/ And competition, it seems like I gotta/ Complete my my mission in a different rendition/ I never listened when people told me what to do/ I gotta think for myself, and not you/ But it's true, doing everything by yourself for long enough/ Without a single breakthrough/ Will make you feel blue and say "I've had enough of this"/ "I just wanna get some money and then purchase shit"/ I've thought the worst of it/ But I can't do that because then that would make me a hypocrite/ (Chorus) Every night I toss and turn and my heart yearns/ I can't turn my mind off cause my thoughts burn/ Another lonely night with no one to hold me tight/ Yeah I've got some problems even though I seem alright/ I spent this whole day with a smile on my face/ And spoke through clinched teeth, emotions in a brace/ A bad taste in my mouth, I'm buggin out/ And I'm doing everything to try and withhold a shout/ I only trust a few/ Well actually a few is too many cause I only trust two/ The lens I see life through has a different hue/ And my demons catch up to me when I try t start anew/ I got low expectations for everybody/ It makes things easier when they turn out shoddy/ Sometimes I get surprised but I'm desensitized/ Life doesn't come as advertised/
Since day one I was bred for a purpose/ I had a goal I pursued with an urgence/ Looked straight ahead tunnel vision I was focused/ Took a straight path that was smooth on the surface/ Learned what I had to learned what I need/ Walked with my head high and I took lead/ To my surroundings I never took heed/ There were too many distractions to dampen my speed/ I was calm and I was collected/ I was the one who had been selected/ I had direction and never objected/ Never thought twice and I never reflected/ I was content that I would succeed/ Knew everything that would water this seed/ If I was challenged I never would cede/ And I never questioned if this was for me/ So I never stopped, turned, looked, opened/ My, eyes, and, noticed/ That, I, was, roped in/ And, this, was/ Puttin in work but I don't know who for/ Playing in a game that I don't know the rules for/ I have achieved but I gotta achieve more Don't even know who it is who's gonna keep score/ Aim for the stars and aim for the sky/ I have to win but I don't know why/ Eventually I felt I would never get by/ And it wasn't 'til then that I opened my eyes/ I saw myths and I saw obsession/ I saw lies and I saw deception/ Then came seclusion and the depression/ When I realized that they skewed my perception/ And turned out that I was confined/ A robot on an assembly line/ All that I had it was never ever mine/ And it was from fable that I was defined/ So I had to stop, turn, look, open/ My, eyes, and, notice/ That, I, was, roped in/ And, this, was hopleess/ So I broke out of my trance/ Had to think twice before I advanced/ At a glance I took a path that was expedient/ And it manipulated me to become obedient/ So I had to unlearn what I thought was true/ And take a detour leaving behind the queue/ And start anew from a clean slate cause it was a mistake/ Waiting for a counterfeited sweepstake/ I had to debate and question myself/ What was it that I really felt/ What is it that I believe? Who should I be?/ With which types of points of views is it that I agree?/ It might've seemed like I was pissing away a brighter future/ But the future ain't bright when in a stupor/ That is a rumor I won't accept/ So from the mental pipeline, I left/ Now I'm living my life (x4)
Live In Fear 05:55
You want me to live in fear x3 Verse 1: All I ever hear is that the world's sketch Filled with liars, thieves, and every type of threat To make me fret, there's all kinds of danger All kinds of hate and way too much anger Lone wolfs and rangers packin heat So I gotta watch my back when I'm in the street Hold onto my bag hold onto my wallet If there's a stickup then empty my pockets Watch out for gangsters and terrorists If they look suspect don't be generous Cause it's treacherous, I should stay in my home Lock all my doors and purchase my chrome Turn on the news stay glued every Sunday Don't travel solo, stay in the country Don't trust my instincts or what I knew Don't trust anybody who ain't like you Cause they're all against me, proceed with caution Out for my job, my girl, and my options Out for my money, out for my life Out for my freedom to cause me strife And I'm out of luck if I don't wanna listen You think I'm crazy if I think it's fiction Why is it that I always hear this in my ear? Cause you want me to live in fear You want me to live in fear x2 Verse 2: All I ever hear is that I won't thrive Cause it is a struggle just to survive That I should be pacified And content with where I'm at and never try to aim high Cause if I step out of place Then I'll disrupt our way of life and that would be a disgrace And if I question my role Then I will be shunned and forever be alone So I should be content with the status quo Anything else is unfathomable And even if I wanted to reach a goal It would be impossible cause I'm not capable And favorable to lose more and gain less So it's not enough to give it my best When I'm guaranteed to take a fall So I won't fail if I never try at all And if I do you'll beat me down Try to halt my drive and then make me drown Try to set me up to get trampled Public embarrassment to set an example Blow out my flame as if I'm a candle Set up obstacles that I can't mantle Why is it that I always hear this in my ear? Cause you want me to live in fear You want me to live in fear x4 Verse 3: But I'm not scared of the world I'm not sacred of the unknown Or the changes, the way that the universe rearranges Those who are different and our exchanges Dealing with failure not growing painless What isn't normal and all the strangeness, eye of the beholder Moving through crossroads as we get older We can start fire watch debris smolder Or we can bridge divides and get closer We can let fear and anger control us Or we can free ourselves with our courage Shed all this baggage off of our shoulders Workin together and keep our composure Gonna get over these limits I only got one life I choose to live it Giving love not being so livid Not being fearful of what is distant Cause all that will do is just inhibit Any dream and any ambition And only then will I be able to journey clear So I refuse to live in fear I refuse to live in fear x4
Sun's down sunlight gets drowned out/ When the nightfall settles in on downtown/ Earth's round Earth turns confounds and spurns/ Daytime for the present moment but it returns/ Discern, colder weather moonlight/ World is getting darker as is seen by your eyesight/ And there's no stars in the night sky/ Luminous pollution forging our eyes blind/ Nighttime is here outside appears/ Bright cause the street lamps illuminate all that's near/ Like sheer concrete and seared black streets/ Traffic is thinning limousines and the taxis/ Trash heaps, stray cats and big rats/ While a breeze is blowing hear the wind making chit-chat/ Never silent when it's silent/ Peace and quiet interrupted by strident sirens/ The bustle dies down/ Energy is lowered and the city slows down/ People head home and commuters leave town/ And you can't see the stars cause the city lights drown/ Them out, meanwhile the skyline sparkles/ Glimmering like diamonds in ways that are artful/ And marveled at with towers and their spires on top of it/ In this midnight metropolis/ Metropolis (x4) Nightlife turnt up limelight/ People forget about their days after twilight/ Late night, red eyes, delights, white lies/ Homeless are sleep in a park under dark skies/ Goodbyes, hellos are exchanged/ People try to water their egos when they spit game/ And they're shot down when they get played/ Thinking that it's easy for anyone to get laid/ Persuade, hookups, switchblades, stickups/ Lose your money, wallet, and ID with a hiccup/ Mixups, get lost, breakups, get squashed/ Secrets discovered and your trust getting criss-crossed/ Exhaust, all this money energy/ Tryna live a lie and a life of celebrity/ And there's people losing their memories/ All the alcohol altering people's sensories/ Let it be, even though it seems odd/ Going through the night putting on a façade/ Dealing with an issue with a temporary fraud/ That functions in the moment but long term it seems flawed/ But hey, meanwhile a prowler's active/ Searching for a victim who's docile and passive/ And them of their values and there's nobody stoppin it/ In this midnight metropolis/ Metropolis (x4) When the night comes alive, the city thrives/ Night owls are revived and the people jive/ And people strive, to live their lives to the fullest/ Forget about the day and go out and play/ Headin each and every way, to every type of destination/ Moving through a city with its man variations/ Of shadow, light and dark and bright/ Lows and highs that multiply then die/ Cause of the sunrise/ And the sun comes up and the night winds up/ Because time is up so the dark dries up for the moment/ And sun rays signal that it's day/ So the owls go away while the photons ricochet/ It's no longer yesterday, cause the day is asserting its dominance/ Until the midnight metropolis/ Metropolis (x8)
Belligerent 05:31
Just tell me the truth (x4) Powered by greed, lust for power/ Planning to seize everything and scour/ The earth for its resources and wealth/ If opposed then a deathblow will be dealt/ Ignore any reason, truth or facts/ Observe all behavior, people’s acts/ Plot any course to divide and conquer/ Stir up the demons release the monsters/ Gotta get the dough gotta run the show/ And to hell with the type of seeds that get sowed/ Gonna hit low undercutting high roads/ Turning your woes into the ammo/ Scramble for cover here comes the thunder/ Taking all rights so prepare to suffer/ Giant blunder that’s just around the corner/ And its impact will be felt beyond borders/ And you say that it’s just what we need/ That you know what’s best and proceed/ With a phony disguise and an army of lies/ That will destabilize in a swoop/ Just tell me the truth (x4) Consolidation to run the nation/ Making enemies of proof and information/ Making enemies of all negotiation/ Just an excuse to launch an invasion/ Send in the troops, drop the bombs/ Unleash the drones while reciting psalms/ Gonna stay calm while unleashing death/ Women and children take their last breath/ Level whole cities causing turmoil/ Protect our puppets and protect the oil/ Otherwise, all force is authorized/ Murder and rape completely glamorized/ Battle cries, can be heard in the wind/ Souls separate from bodies and transcend/ Or descend, depending on the life/ While millions of refugees then take flight/ And you say our actions are right/ And despite all this that there’s light/ At the end of the tunnel and our freedom will crumble/ If we don’t aim our muzzles and shoot/ Just tell me the truth (x4) Total destruction left behind/ In the landscape and in the minds/ Families torn apart and their hearts/ Will throb since their way of life has been thwart/ Infrastructure ravaged and a famished economy/ Makes chaos creates havoc/ Years of stability upended/ Fresh distrust that can no longer be ammended/ Apprehended and annihilated/ Are the innocent, hatred is created/ Motivating people to retaliate/ On any scapegoat that their minds create/ It could be me or it could be you/ It could be us if they’re under our rule/ Old ways of order live in a tomb/ So what type of power will fill this vacuum/ All of this because focus was placed on greed/ Instead of an actual need/ All of this because of the thirst of a minority/ Instead of the wish of the majority/ All of this because of the pursuit of power/ Instead of the welfare of ours/ All of this because you were seduced by a ruse/ Instead of the actual truth/ And you say that it’s just what we need/ That you know what’s best and proceed/ With a phony disguise and an army of lies/ That will destabilize in a swoop/ Just tell me the truth/ And you say our actions are right/ And despite all this that there’s light/ At the end of the tunnel and our freedom will crumble/ If we don’t aim our muzzles and shoot/ Just tell me the truth/
Profit 04:33
I’m a modern day slave, slaving away/ Every day in the most discouraging way/ I’ve fallen prey to a system of revenue gains/ Work for almost no pay/ In the rain or the glistening sun/ Beaming down while the heat makes my head feel spun/ My hands feel numb, my mouth is dry/ And I almost wanna roll over and die/ Right here right now, I wonder how/ My life can be viewed no better than a plow/ Just another tool to be used/ Enlarging pockets of a fool who refuses to use his/ Wealth for something that’s other than himself/ No regard for my life or my health/ Just pelt me with manual labor/ All these long days cut right through my soul like a saber/ Cause I, am nothing but a cog in a wheel/ In a machine to create a good deal/ I work all day and hardly sleep at night/ Just to churn out a product, expedite/ My pain’s unknown and my life’s unseen/ Just to make something that will cough up the green/ It’s all obscene and it seems as if no one will stop it/ Just to make a profit/ I’m a modern day slave, slaving away/ In a way that is no different from a grave/ I do the same shit everyday/ On an assembly line, where my freedom is prey/ I crave an existence/ Where I don’t work excessive overtime for financial persistence/ In a large factory that has to be/ Some blasphemy for living wages that’s absentee/ I live eat work on the compound/ The inner workings of which remains unfound/ To the outside, to the consumers/ Disturbing news is dismissed as rumors/ But monotonous repetition is ripping/ My sanity I feel it slipping/ Away, I can’t get help/ And there’s a big net outside my window, I can’t kill myself/ Cause I, am nothing but a cog in a wheel/ In a machine to create a good deal/ I work all day and hardly sleep at night/ Just to churn out a product, expedite/ My pain’s unknown and my life’s unseen/ Just to make something that will cough up the green/ It’s all obscene and it seems as if no one will stop it/ Just to make a profit/ I’m a modern day slave, slaving away/ For a job that somehow seems to be all the rage/ I spend all day in front of a computer/ Increasing the wealth of unofficial rulers/ My future was bright/ But now I have loans to pay so you can find me working all night/ Then I take a cab home so I can change/ Then it’s right back to work again/ With no sleep, I do that for a whole week/ My body’s shutting down and I feel weak/ But I see streaks of a high paying job/ Financial stability my hand’s on the knob/ And my foot’s in the door, dough I need more/ So I can take part in the American lore/ Flash my wealth to make you jealous and small/ Until a heart attack ends it all/ Cause I, am nothing but a cog in a wheel/ In a machine but I love a good deal/ I work all day and hardly sleep at night/ Just to order a product, expedite/ My pain’s unknown and my life’s unseen/ But I think I’m happy when I cough up the green/ It’s all obscene and it seems as if no one will stop it/ Just to make a profit/
Le Rêve 06:29
Love: A desire, an attraction to an abstraction of an individual, a reaction Love: A myth, figment of imagination, fantasization of a reality, a fabrication Love: Should it be believed? Will it only deceive? Can it be achieved? Or will it fade, eventually, remembered only as a dream? When we first met I didn’t think it’d be significant/ Another interaction between participants/ Who’ve never met each other and no colors are shown/ Well at least that’s how the script is supposed to go/ So I stayed low key, even though you were attractive/ Since coming on too strong is how you get subtracted/ And we’ve all been betrayed and double crossed/ So trusting strangers is how you take a loss/ But there was something about you that was different/ About how you held yourself and how you showed interest/ Getting closer to me you were willing to risk it/ And when I opened my mouth you actually listened/ So we started on the right foot/ And even though I’m usually cautious I opened up like a book/ After we progressed past the formalities/ I was surprised by all our commonalities/ Like how we view life as something to be treasured/ And can’t stand being stagnant and enjoy adventure/ Or how we both wanna alter this society/ That places emphasis on superficial qualities/ Or how we find our language to be limiting/ And find ways around these limits using creativity/ So after this night that I didn’t want to end/ We agreed to see each other again/ (Chorus) I met this girl who had seemed to be everything I need/ But that was just a dream/ When me and her were together yo we made the perfect team/ But that was just a dream/ The way she was radiated through my world like sunbeams/ But that was just a dream/ We were a match made in heaven that’s how everything seemed/ But that was just a dream/ So a few days passed then I decided to call/ I was nervous that you would decide to withdraw/ The invitation, and become a ghost/ But you answered and soon enough we started to coast/ Our time together was essential, and our mentals/ Intertwined and aligned non-judgmental/ We assembled trust that has withstood/ And finally I know how it feels to be understood/ We created memorable memories/ Exploring and expanding all of our surroundings/ Walking through a forest and sleeping under trees/ Or swimming in the ocean and then kissing on the beach/ Taking scenic routes throughout other countries/ Passing through the cities crossing over boundaries/ And when we weren’t living life in the wind/ We’d create our own worlds with imagination/ You had all of my respect the sex was eminent/ Nothing dissonant made love that’s magnificent/ Infinitely intimate we increment the naughty/ Every time we were in bed exploring each other’s bodies/ Arousing one another satisfying sensually/ So we compatible, physically and mentally/ It was apparent that this was meant to be/ You and me, as young lovers living free/ (Chorus) And you were always there, day or night rain or sunshine/ You blessed my essence with a presence that was sublime/ Every time I would doubt what I’m doing/ You would push me to be the best that I could be/ And every time that the world would seem darker/ You could see the light of anything or be the spark if/ There was none, you’re contributions can’t be outdone/ Not just to me but to everyone you’ve known hun/ I’ve seen you bridge gaps and help with finding closure/ And bring the drifting people in our world a little closer/ I’ve seen you stick with what is right/ Regardless of the judgment or temporary gains that are within sight/ I’ve seen you overcome swimming upstream/ Went against the grain and you’ve achieved almost all your dreams/ I’ve seen you turn into a woman of transcendency/ And I gotta keep it real, you’ve inspired me/ You’ve inspired me to always stay true to myself/ And to never live to please someone else/ To never sell myself short/ That is because I can achieve anything when I set my mental free/ And to always hold my head up high/ Because after every storm is clear blue sky/ I was lucky to have you next to me/ But it was at that moment I woke up from my dream/ (Chorus)
There is no place left to go There is no place left to go We have taking every road There is no place left to go Twisting, turning, winding Uphill mountain climbing Perseverance, grinding Avoided until the end There is no place left to go There is no place left to go Kept on running from the blows There is no place left to go Navigation, lying Shadows not subsiding Running, dodging, hiding Elusive until the end There is no place left to go There is no place left to go Changing everything we’ve known There is no place left to go Past emotions vying Ordinary dying Motivation crying Catching up in the end No place left to go when you run from your obstacles/ There’s no place to go/ No place left to go/ Took every path to nowhere the storm bears/ Down, feel the gust all around/ Chased by demons that are abound/ Possessive, obsessive, aggressive/ Haunted by their presence oppressive/ So I got defensive, retreated/ Run from this place I don’t really need it/ But everywhere I go I get followed/ Dodging a shadow that wants to swallow/ All of my inner light, and put it out of sight/ If I wanna be free, then put up a fight/ If I keep running from these woes/ Then they will taint every place that I go/ Infect every person I know/ And infect all the thoughts in my dome/ So I prepare to face the music/ No longer elusive, conclusive/ That I must confront and oppose/ Before there’s no place left to go/ So I prepare to face the music/ No longer elusive, conclusive/ That I must confront and oppose/ Because there’s no place left to go/ There is no place left to go There is no place left to go Facing into the unknown There is no place left to go Hibernation ending Thoughts and actions blending Dreaming voices mending Dissonance… until the end Dissention defining Resistance defying Sentiments undying Continues… until the end
Bacon 04:52
I live in a world where I'm judged/ By my looks nothing else thereof/ So if I look like criminals shown on TV/ I guarantee you won't wanna be me/ Especially when people are scared for no reason/ So they call the cops cause I fit a description/ That was spoon fed to them ever since they were born/ Prejudice the American norm/ Then I'm swarmed by police faster than lighting/ As if I stole the whip that I'm driving/ Or followed all throughout a store/ As if I'm gonna steal all this stuff that I can afford/ Or treated like I'm suspicious/ Cause the way they view blacks is fictitious/ Some piggies got guns who are malicious/ So a brotha gets shot every 10 seconds/ Shot cause they're wearing a hoodie in middle of the night/ And they went out to buy a pack of skittles/ Shot cause they went to a Walmart around Dayton/ And tried to buy a toy BB gun/ Shot cause during one night that was starry/ They decided to go to a house party/ Shot, and it just persists/ So from a young age, my parents told me this/ (Chorus) If and when you see them come down the block/ And you're all by yourself and their guns are cocked/ Stop, keep your hands out your pockets/ Don't make a move or you might get shot/ If you see lights flashing in your rear/ And you're behind the wheel of the automobile/ Chill, keep you hands on the wheel/ Don't make a move or you might get killed/ Just the other day I was in my ride/ Bumping fat beats leaking out the side/ My afro's grown, a darker tone/ Is my skin color when compared those/ Who surround me and I got two degrees/ But I still bump the debut of Snoop D-O double G/ Getting hella side-eyed/ You might say "it's a suicide it's a suicide"/ Cause I'm driving through an affluent neighborhood/ One hundred percent white so the likelihood/ Of getting racial profiled is very good/ That is certain, muthafuckas think that I'm lurking/ Scoping out which house I'm gonna rob/ When I'm really in reality heading to my job/ It's six blocks away, I pass four blocks/ And at the fifth block I pass by a cop/ And the pig pulls me over/ Yo what the hell? I was only driving 5 over/ So I pull over to the side/ Put it in park and watch the cop get out his ride/ He walks up to my window/ And with a very bad attitude starts giving me this lingo/ About how I'm breaking the law and wanting knowledge/ Of who I am so I reach for my wallet/ I feel six shots enter in my chest/ And suddenly my heart stops/ I drop my wallet out my hand/ My lap feels wet and warm and I don't understand/ I try to scream in pain/ But blood's in my vocal chords so my efforts are vain/ I got four minutes til my brain will die/ And I'm shot through the heart so I won't survive/ I see my life flash before my eyes/ Everybody that I loved memories I prized/ Will forever be gone cause of my demise/ I'll never see my family so I start to cry/ I'm losing energy and my blood supply/ And my vision gets blurry cause I'm going blind/ I can no longer fight and then like a knife/ My soul is cut free from my shortened life/ As for the cop, of course he lied/ Said I reached for a gun and he feared for his life/ That I resisted arrest or some other trife/ Alibi, they searched my car what did they find?/ No drugs, no weapons, a backpack/ With some climbing gear and a mic in the back/ So his original story he had to redact/ Cause it didn't have basis, that's a fact/ But he got away with a slap on the wrist/ Administrative leave so his paychecks persist/ Since a black man was executed/ The jury refused to prosecute him/ When they showed my face on the news/ I was frowning at the camera, so the viewer viewed/ Me as another dead hooligan, no big deal/ Shrug it off, change the channel, continue eating their meal/ So if and when you see them come down the block/ And you're all by yourself and their guns are-
Trance 04:34
Our whole world is what we perceive/ Through our eyes and ears, what we see/ And hear, determines what we believe/ But what if what we see and hear is from the TV/ Or other forms of media that are very extensive/ Determining what information will reach all our senses/ Through certain lenses, showing us/ Places that we’ll never go and people that we’ll never meet/ It’s comprehensive immensive, the reality that is created/ Living in a matrix/ For a many groups of people generating hatred/ Believing words and phrases even if they’re weightless/ Accepting certain actions even when outrageous/ Accepting something as the truth with no basis/ It’s contagious giving you a chance/ To enhance any stance in trance/ (Chorus) Far into another realm, imitating what they see on film (X4) Or heard on tape how absurd, I take… A look at the situation the shit is looking grim/ When I see the state of mind that we in/ We to tend to shun anyone and cut them loose/ If they don’t glorify or justify our world view/ Listening to news that aligns with our mindset/ If you don’t agree then it’s fake so don’t mind it/ Cannot get behind it, since there is a need to feel justified/ Regardless of whether or not the facts are factualized/ We’re fed a stack of lies, from a young age/ Ranging from Christopher Columbus to who freed the slaves/ To how your soul is saved, to measuring success/ To who you should find attractive nevertheless/ Of what there is in your surroundings/ Cause you believe fallacies that are simply confounding/ And they’re always pounding you over your head every chance/ That they get to keep you in a trance/ (Chorus) And at your expense/ Some people will do anything for dollars and cents/ Regardless of gratuitous immense/ Abundant wealth that they only hoard for themselves/ Regardless of their impact they manage/ To benefit from all this madness/ Profit off of sadness, insecurity, starvation/ Disabilities and incarceration/ It’s agitating and immoral/ We would never approve so they have to make us quarrel/ Hate one another and hate ourselves/ And try to purchase our happiness off a shelf/ So while they chill in the shade with their banks getting bigger/ We grasp in the dark for the guidance of flickering/ Imagery that will wickedly put our thoughts in their grasp/ And our minds in a trance/
2084 (Ronin) 07:02
In a world full of greed and a lust for power/ I’m taking shelter from a thunder shower/ It’s half past 2 and I’m in a room listening to booms/ Coming from the outside gloom/ Of the weather and the state of affairs/ The government’s run by a ruthless tyrannical square/ Who won’t spare any opposition/ Say anything that defies and you’ll wind up missing/ Freedom of press is unheard or thought of/ Artwork and literature censored and fraught/ And the police are corrupt and bought/ Even if you do nothing you’ll still get caught/ And end up dead in due time/ As for me, I’m a wanted man for my rhymes/ The views that I hold are considered a crime/ So I’ve been on the run for quite some time/ Move through the night and hide out at day/ And use my intelligence to keep them at bay/ But if shit hits the fan?/ I’m armed to the teeth with my lyrical slangblade and cannon/ I’ll never give in to what to they’re demanding/ All my ideas will keep on expanding/ As I move from place to place/ Rocking shows with sick flows disappear without a trace/ So tonight, I’ll do that without fail/ Gotta stay sharp cause the feds are on my tail/ I stay in the room until the storm ails/ And the clock hits 9, then I bail/ I hit the streets after sundown the city’s rundown/ And drowns in crime drugs all around/ There ain’t no way to make dough legally/ Wealth is withheld by few greedily/ I move through the city quite easily/ Until I get to the venue/ I walk inside and go backstage I’m bout ready to go/ Grab the mic and start the show/ I hold nothing back and I speak mind/ Realness and honesty that’s right on time/ I can’t say nothing fake that’s not myself/ And gotta speak up for those who can’t speak themselves/ And everyone who hears me they feel me/ Or don’t believe me or wanna kill me and conceal me/ And everything that I stand for/ While the crowd is screaming that they want more/ So I comply, but then I see this guy/ With a strong build and like six feet high/ Walking towards the stage with this look in his eyes/ Like he’s got a vendetta and wants me to die/ Then I see two more coming from the sides/ Must be the feds and shit, I can’t hide/ Because I’m on stage in plain site/ But I know this, I ain’t going out without a fight/ The fool on my right draws a tech sprays from right to left/ Tries to take me out like Malcolm X/ But I hit the deck and then draw my piece/ Take aim hit him in the brain, rest in piece/ But there’s two more and shots fired/ They wiz over my head because they aimed higher/ Too high, I roll over don’t die/ Take cover behind the stage side/ They jump on stage I pull the trigger/ Two times and I hit one in the liver/ Deliver a blow and leave a hole in the next man’s chest/ After he was smoked there was no one left/ I jet, it’s chaos in the venue/ I slip out the back door then I continue/ Straight down an alleyway, (that’s owned by Sallie Mae)/ And then two cops appear in front of me/ They both yell “freeze!”/ I draw my gat and bust caps faster then they can sneeze/ They’re blown off their feet land splayed on the concrete/ I retreat and then move out into the street/ I hear sirens approaching/ And the beating of a helicopter encroaching/ I think I’m bout to get smoked when/ I spot a vehicle idling out in the open/ I think it’s from the two cops in the alley/ So I jump in and proceed to rally it/ Through the streets avoiding the heat that’s chasing/ If I getaway then that will be amazing/ So I keep the petal to the metal/ Weaving through traffic feeling unsettled/ Until I find myself outside of the city/ All by myself with no one else with me/ So I ditch the whip and continue the trip on foot/ Tryna find a place where no one will look/ Cause the manhunt is on/ They’ll have the whole national guard looking for me by dawn/ All of this for one man/ Who’s ideas go against the plan of the grand scheme/ To make it seem like that it’s right/ To be repressed, forgotten, to ignore our plight/ Prevent us from seeing the light, and destroy ourselves/ With drugs, crime, ignorance to destroy our health/ And when somebody steps up to change it/ They’re silenced through means that are just outrageous/ Death threats, assassinations/ Solitary confinement with no allegations/ And then they wonder why/ We change from peaceful demonstrations to battle cries/ They advertise that we should love what they warrant/ When it’s really them who make problems for us/ Hypocrites, so I grabbed the mic and mentioned it/ Now the government wants to sign my death certificate/ Which is why I am on the run/ Sleeping in a abandoned house right next to my gun/ Then at 6 in the morning/ A loud twig snap wakes me up from my snoring/ That is a warning, I grab my steel/ Look outside to see quite the ordeal/ Completely surrounded, SWAT teams/ Viewing me through their scopes and their infrared beams/ I duck my head a bullet grazes my cheek/ Then I hear shots coming from each/ And every fed as they unload fully automatic/ Bullets pierce the walls ricochet in the attic/ I crawl on the floor tryna find cover/ But the whole house is getting reduced down to rubble/ And the roof caves in/ Misses me by a couple inches I move to the kitchen/ Look in the backyard and spot cops inching closer/ I draw my gun from its holster/ And then proceed to empty the clip/ I possess perfect marksmanship/ Cause 10 shots later 10 fools are hit/ I reload, then more wigs are split/ Reload again, they can’t contend/ 30 of them met their end after I expend/ Every shot, the backyard is cleared out/ But more are coming from the front I can hear them shout/ So while the coast is clear I exit from the rear/ Pick up an M16 and shoot my way out/


released August 25, 2017

All songs produced, written, recorded, and mixed by Ryan Edwards.
All songs mastered by Nick Dragoni.
Track 2 co-written by Emily Cruz.
Track 8 co-written by Gabriela Farfan.
Christina and Gabriela Peralta appear courtesy of themselves.


all rights reserved



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